March 2024

Series A Investment Round

Space Centre Australia, a pioneering force in the realm of space technology and exploration, is thrilled to announce a series of groundbreaking investment opportunities aimed at revolutionizing the industry and advancing humanity’s reach into the cosmos. As the global space sector continues to expand exponentially, Space Centre Australia is positioned at the forefront of innovation, offering investors a chance to be part of this extraordinary journey. The following investment opportunities are now open for exploration:

Net Zero Launch Infrastructure: Space Centre Australia is committed to environmental sustainability, and our Net Zero Launch Infrastructure initiative focuses on developing launch facilities and systems that minimize carbon footprint and environmental impact, paving the way for a greener future in space exploration.

Advanced Manufacturing: Supporting launch and payload industries with cutting-edge technology and expertise. Space Centre Australia is revolutionising launch vehicles, payload, composite manufacturing, critical components, novel sensors and launch support systems. Investors have the opportunity to be part of the development and production of next generation launch vehicles and composites that will redefine access to space.

Datacentre Infrastructure: Data is crucial for space missions and exploration. Space Centre Australia offers investment opportunities in state-of-the-art datacentre infrastructure, ensuring secure and efficient management of vast amounts of space-related data.

Green Energy Infrastructure Including Geothermal and Hydrogen Production: Space Centre Australia recognizes the importance of sustainable energy solutions for space exploration. Our green energy infrastructure projects, including geothermal and hydrogen production, aim to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and promote eco-friendly practices in the space industry.

Research and Development Programs: Innovation is at the core of Space Centre Australia’s mission. Investors can participate in our research and development programs, supporting groundbreaking advancements in space technology, materials science, propulsion systems, and more.

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