We are Australia’s first large-scale, multi-use spaceport.


As result of our commitment to advancing the Australian and International space industries, we are designed with a strong focus on collaboration.

acknowledgement to country

In the spirit of reconciliation, Space Centre Australia wishes to respectfully acknowledge the First Nations people of Australia, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land we work and live on – they are the original storytellers, protectors, guardians, and communicators that spans over 60 thousand years. 

SCA, pays our respects to their Elders past, present and future generations. May we all learn, preserve, respect and humbly follow in their ancient footsteps walking softly on mother earth, so we can all share the wisdom and knowledge for a sustainable future for our children, families, communities and next generations.


Founder, James Palmer, breaks down the concept behind Space Centre Australia. 

Why Is Space Exploration Important To Australia?

Space exploration benefits a wealth of spheres inside, and out of, the space industry. 

What Are Some Of The Myths You Always Hear When It Comes To Space Exploration?

Space Centre Australia founder, James Palmer, dispels some common misconceptions around the space industry.

What Sort Of Rockets Will Be Launched From Space Centre Australia?

Space Centre Australia is designed to provide launch capability to rockets of various sizes. 

Why Is This A Marathon & Not A ‘Space Race’

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the future. 

Space Centre Australia is located 43km from the township of Weipa in Northern Queensland, Australia.

When it comes to launch operations, there are several factors that contribute to location suitability.

For this reason, Space Centre Australia is situated away from competing air corridors in a no-population-density area, therefore promoting public safety, while allowing clear access to a range of orbital positions.

Since we are stationed in a safe and secure location, our facilities will provide close access to a variety of launch destinations.

The location


Space Centre Australia will offer an environment uniquely configured for space vehicle development.

Notably, we will offer a certified static clean room for payload development and integration at Initial Operating Capability (IOC)

Correspondingly, modular launch vehicle development will be supported by specialized, heavy-handling systems, and staging platforms.

Space Centre Australia will feature services providing assurance of completed launch vehicles prior to staging and launch zones.


Due to every launch operation being unique, Space Centre Australia tailors our approach to each project’s needs.

Risk reduction is essential to maintaining the safety and affordability of launch operations, and to this end, Space Centre Australia offer speciality knowledge in the areas of licencing, regulation requirements, and insurances.

Integration of launch systems into Space Centre Australia’s mission system allows for precise analyses of each launch activity.

In order to successfully support tenancies of varying durations, we specialise in end-to-end solutions for long-term occupancies, sustaining projects from inception to launch, and beyond.

On the other hand, we also offer secure handoff capabilities for projects spread over multiple operations centres.


Mission Control is at the heart of every launch operation.

As a result of this, Space Centre Australia features an advanced Mission Control Operations facility for projects which require wholistic solutions.

With a multi-tenanted secure room, the facility accordingly allows for simultaneous, isolated mission operations.

Space Centre Australia will be completely scalable to provide capacity for both short- and long-term tenancies.

Capabilities include space vehicle development, testing, certification, launches, and mission control.

For those who require security regarding mission handoff, Space Centre Australia features a secure operations centre, secure datacentre, and a broadband satellite communications station.

Space Centre Australia OPPORTUNITIES


We will soon be opening up new recruitment rounds for roles with Space Centre Australia. Follow us on our social media pages to stay updated.


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